How to choose a wedding venue that fits your wedding style?

At this point in your planning, you’re set about what season you’re getting married. You’re set about your wedding date, so you know what season it is. You’ve picked out the venue, so you know if you’ll be dancing the night away in a barn or ballroom. Now you need to figure out what to wear and how that fits into the overall look of your big day. Here are some ways to narrow down your selection based on what kind of wedding venue in san antonio you’re attending so you’re prepared for it!

Venues for industrial weddings

An industrial or rustic vibe is typical of loft weddings. Whether it’s a warehouse, a brewery, or an old theater, your look should be as unique and trendy as these spaces of wedding venue in san antonio. Choose a suit that is classic in color, such as black, navy, or gray, with a personal touch. For instance, a gray suit with dark accents, a navy suit with gold accessories, or a gray suit with brown ties are perfect.

Venues for hotel weddings

A ballroom wedding is a classic choice for any venue, whether a hotel or banquet hall. Your bride will probably be wearing lace dresses with long trains or traditional ball gowns, so you must match your outfits perfectly. Black or navy tuxedos are a great choice for a ballroom wedding.

Places to hold beach weddings

garden wedding venue

No matter where you’re getting married, no matter how amazing the location is, you do not need to wear tan linen pants, a white shirt, and no shoes. The tan linen pants, white shirt, and no-shoes look has been seen a million times, so try something different. Your look will be cool and confident while still formal enough for your big day with tan loafers and an open collar. Try something new!

Wedding venues outdoors

Would you like a ceremony held in a local park or a brunch in your parent’s backyard under a tent? It’s a perfect time to wear a navy-blue suit with a floral printed tie. You can dress and be preppy with the scenery. A garden wedding surrounded by trees and flowers can be a dream come true.

Barn Wedding Venues

Weddings at a rustic place are usually at a farm, orchard, or park district hall. Outfits can range from suits and dresses to cowboy boots and suspenders, and bow ties without jackets. If you’re the most formal at this venue, your look will probably need to be put in the right place. Those suspenders, wingtip shoes, and patterned ties or bowties are perfect for barn weddings.