buying a diamond

Different shapes of diamonds

As we know, diamonds are the best friend of all women. If you want to make your spouse happy, just gift her lab diamonds. Within no time, she will impress you with this amazing surprise gift. For getting this special attention from your spouse, you can choose one of the best out of different shapes such as oval, round, pear, emerald, radiant, cushion, and many more appealing shapes.

Whatever shape you choose, the diamond will be diamond and provide you with luxurious vibes forever. So, explore your nearby jewelry showrooms and find the most preferable diamond for your life.

Let’s discuss some diamond shapes that can make you delighted after wearing them in your ensemble. Look at below:

  • Round shape diamond: It is the most demanded shape in a diamond ring and is incredibly famous for providing happy vibes. You can get this diamond shape for gifting purposes and make your spouse delighted forever.
  • Oval shape diamond: If we talk about which shape of diamond appeals the most, the answer is oval shape. Yes, if you are looking to have lab diamonds, you can give an oval shape a try. And, it will be the best gift for your spouse.
  • Pear shape diamond: It is another attractive shape that goes well with every outfit. This shape of diamond gives you a subtle look on every occasion. So, without thing anymore, you can grab this shape and let your spouse reach the cliff of happiness.

buying a diamond

  • Emerald shape diamond: If you have to choose from the best shape of the diamond, try to choose the emerald shape as it is the universal shape and offers you an intense look while wearing it on your finger. Hence, do not consider more; just buy the emerald shape of the diamond.
  • Radiant shape diamond: IF you want to get lost in the feeling of royal and luxurious life, just choose the radiant diamond. It could be the best gift to your spouse and a beloved partner for the ahead life. So, you can choose this and make your lover happiest forever.
  • Princess shape diamond: If you feel your spouse is a princess of your heart, just gift her a princess-shaped diamond. I am sure, she will extremely happy beyond your expectations. So, never go here and there. Just give this shape a try.


Diamonds are the emblem of royalty and luxury. Everyone can get them and live a luxurious life. So, if you are the one who wants to wear a diamond on her figure, choose any shape discussed above and make all your dreams come true.