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All you need to know about harvia sauna heaters

Harvia is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood-burning and electric sauna stoves and heaters. This company was founded in 1950 and has gained popularity globally with its quality products. They provide high-qualityharvia sauna heatersfor commercial and home use and other advanced sauna products as per the customer’s requirements.

This company produces different harvia sauna heaters products with different efficiencies. The customer can choose the suitable product based on commercial or residential requirements based on the performance and size that are suitable for their sauna and fit with their property. To get the best sauna experience, choose the electric heater that fits your power consumption and other requirements. The most important thing is to choose the right rock material for your heater.

After selecting suitable materials, connect the sauna heater to the power in a room and sit down to relax and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality Harvia heater. The average size of the sauna heater that suits residential use is 1 kilowatt of heater power per cubic meter of sauna volume. By considering this rate, you can choose the suitable size of the heater for your use.

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The sauna heater has a heat-storing surface, so its power requirement will increase. You also need to ensure that your residential or commercial property has a well-insulated thermal ceiling and walls in your sauna. You also need to consider the room ventilation and air circulation in your property. So, the user can breathe clean air easily and without any trouble.

Make sure that you are using the right rock in the heater. The hot rocks help release steam in the sauna that is produced by the heater. Not all rocks can be used in saunas to generate steam. Using a perfect stone can help it absorb and release heat better than other rocks. The Harvia sauna heaters provide large split stones in them. These stones were used to store a large amount of heat and efficiently vaporize it in the sauna.

Over many decades, people have preferred saunas for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is also a traditional culture in some countries. With technological advancement, traditional sauna heaters have become more efficient and enjoyable for users. People prefer Harvia heaters for saunas, as they are the leading heater brand in the industry and provide quality products, improved performance, and availability of products in different sizes as per requirement.